Save the Arts Films allows the youth to participate in learning the art world of creating movies.

Art Kids of Save the Arts Foundation consist of our own personal mascot, Lil Romare, who makes personal visits to the hospitals and other events geared towards the youth. There are also a number of youth programs Save the Arts Foundation has to inspire, educate and develop the youth within the communities we serve.

Save the Arts Awards is 1st in the world to award Painters, Sculptors, Architects, & Photographers for their contributions of art to the world. 

Save the Arts Foundation cares about the communities we serve. We have a variety of programs creatively and uniquely designed to inspire and educate our youth and adults, as well as programs to help assist the elderly and women affected by domestic violence.

Save the arts foundation motto:

"capture the mind-save the body"

Save the Arts Foundation is now putting art in motion with impactful messages through a variety of film projects.